Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Week in Five

I'm starting up a new thing for my Friday posts called 'The Week in Five' - basically a sum up of people's weeks through five photos that they took in the working week just gone.  I've lined up a handful of wonderful friends and colleagues who'll be guest posting for the Fridays following, but thought it only appropriate to get the process kickstarted myself. 

Here we go!

1. Finally signed off my tax return (for 2010, don't even get me started on this year) as well as a number of other Life Admin things which was a win!  Lots of crossing off lists was had.
2. Beautiful flowers which I received as a generous thank you from the school I spoke at earlier this week.
3. With me working late, and C having his farewells before he moves to SG we've been spending a lot of time together in the mornings which has been just so nice.
4. Had an Alumni dinner last night to celebrate 20 years of the degree that I did, this is the jewellery of one of the designers there, she's running her own label now - I always feel like such a sell out at these things, but I can confidently say I'm using my creative mind more than ever here at le Goog.
5. A lovely friend passed on some delicious cookie dough when I saw her at brunch on the weekend, I woke up this morning and C was baking them.  Not the healthiest breakfast ever but so so good!
 Tune in next Friday for the next Five!  Until then, have a fab weekend y'all.


Unknown said...

What a brilliant idea - and what a coup to make it into your inaugural Week in Five! Can't wait to see more.

Lorna Diwa said...

Thanks Ali! And your cookies easily made the five - greatest non-sensible breakfast EVER :)

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