Tuesday, August 23, 2011

True Colours

I'm a little freaked out that this is the most legitimate site I can find on the True Colours personality test, but it's a solid exercise that I've done a few times in my career and we did again this morning in our team meeting.  Interestingly, we also guessed what our other team members were by putting post-it notes of that colour on their laptop - overall we were pretty spot on about each other, I was accurately singled out as Green (strategic, inventive, independent) and then Blue (people person, motivating, harmonizing).

Only 13% of people are Green, but I feel like there are a lot of us here at Google.
My laptop - the team knows me too well!
I always take these exercises with a bucketful of salt, as you never want to box people in and rob them of the opportunity to flex and change - but was a worthwhile exercise nonetheless, if only to open up discussion about what we perceive to be our own strengths and each others.

Here's another (mildly creepy) link where you can take the quiz yourself.


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