Monday, June 30, 2014

It just keeps arriving

Well, there goes June.

Somewhere in between my last post in May and this last day of the Australian fiscal year, I saw fireflies in Ashland, drove to Portland (Portlandia is real, but more on that later) and had a couple of weeks back in the ol' hometown, where people still run topless during 'the coldest winter in 57 years'.  Now back where people don't swim at the beach even though it's technically summer, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  New job started last week, I'm really enjoying having too many questions and no idea about anything.  I'll hopefully find lunch buddies soon too, haha.

This guy.  On the sunsetting shores of Bondi.  Magnificently #nofilter
And, of course time with this one.  This is a tired little post, more just to start breaking the drought - but I will finish with a quote from a dear friend that I am overdue posting:

'Love is a train that just keeps arriving' 
- John Berger.

And so it does.