Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy feet

I know that this post will officially take me from 'quirky' to 'stalker', but I saw these happy feet enjoying the summer breeze walking home one afternoon (the block in the bottom right hand corner of the first pic is my place), and it just made me smile so big.
Thank you, owner of these tootsies.  And San Francisco, your summer ain't so bad.

Monday, July 7, 2014

LA weekend, redux

Visiting a city the second time around is always kind of nice because you can skip some of the classic touristy stuff you've done before and spend more time focussing on friends and lesser adventures, i.e. fulfilling cupcake dreams.  Additional to a 4th of July party that felt like something out of a movie, LA was a perfect escape from the fog, sharing a house with old and new friends.

My other food fantasy fulfilled: finally made it to eggslut and yes it definitely lived up to the hype!  Best scrambled eggs that I ever waited 40 minutes for. 
A stroll around Rodeo Drive, right after I got my cupcake.  Disappointingly put my camera away before I turned the corner to see a woman pushing a pram holding a dog wearing an LV collar.
The view from Griffith Park Observatory made me realise just how huge LA really is - 3.8M compared to San Francisco's 800k.  Right after this we found some friendly star gazers who showed us Saturn through their telescope.
LA - I couldn't live with you but I can't beat your weekend weather.  I'll be back soon!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

24 hours in Portland

I mentioned earlier that Portlandia is real - but outside of hipster spotting and fixie bike riding 'seeing' Portland is basically just 'eating your way through' Portland; there are some incredible eats in this city and being the fattie that I am that dictated a lot of our movements.  People really love their food here, the obsession with local produce is all too true, but refreshingly sans the San Francisco price tag.

Here's what we covered over 24 hours:

The famous longstanding Outdoor Store which is basically a man's paradise, selling everything to artisan hand knives to fishing vests.  C bought some cowboy boots from a guy who I think may have actually been a cowboy, and picked the right boots for him in one go just by looking at his feet.
Voodoo doughnuts!  This is 'Portland's official doughnut', perfectly puffed and filled with creamy goodness.  This was also the first of many times that we lined up for a specialty food (not sure whose idea that was... *shifty eyes*). 
We spent a good part of our day cycling around on fixies to explore the city - being very bike-friendly it was relatively easy to get around but do keep in mind that Washington Park is up a hill so if you're like me, get ready for some bike-walking.  This was their famous International Rose Test Garden.
As a part of our cycling around we got lost in Lower Burnside - Amanda was the friendliest local who helped us get on our way.  Lower Burnside = cute rows of vintage stores and galleries, retro side-of-the-road diners.
A specialty roll at Bamboo Sushi: the world's first sustainably certified sushi restaurant and some of the best Japanese fusion food I have ever eaten.  I recommend going to the Northwest location so you can window shop down 23rd Ave then wander back on 21st Ave for a cheeky drink at a bar.
Not pictured but also enjoyed:

Salt and Straw - pear and blue cheese ice cream - this was the second time we lined up for food
Aviary - explore the Alberta district while you're there, a bit of an emerging arts neighborhood
Boogies Burgers and Brew - in Lower Burnside, as a break from browsing vintage shops
Lovejoy Bakers - there's a few of these, if you're road-tripping, grab a flaky pastry for the road here
Stumptown Coffee - excellent coffee!  You'll be cheering to know there are multiple of these too
Voodoo Doughnuts - I know I already said this, but did I mention it's open 24 hours?!  Make an experience of it and line up at the original location on SW 3rd Ave.

Ok I'll stop now.  #nomnomnom