Monday, July 7, 2014

LA weekend, redux

Visiting a city the second time around is always kind of nice because you can skip some of the classic touristy stuff you've done before and spend more time focussing on friends and lesser adventures, i.e. fulfilling cupcake dreams.  Additional to a 4th of July party that felt like something out of a movie, LA was a perfect escape from the fog, sharing a house with old and new friends.

My other food fantasy fulfilled: finally made it to eggslut and yes it definitely lived up to the hype!  Best scrambled eggs that I ever waited 40 minutes for. 
A stroll around Rodeo Drive, right after I got my cupcake.  Disappointingly put my camera away before I turned the corner to see a woman pushing a pram holding a dog wearing an LV collar.
The view from Griffith Park Observatory made me realise just how huge LA really is - 3.8M compared to San Francisco's 800k.  Right after this we found some friendly star gazers who showed us Saturn through their telescope.
LA - I couldn't live with you but I can't beat your weekend weather.  I'll be back soon!


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