Sunday, March 30, 2014

On vunerability

This weekend was a lot of catching up on life admin - laundry, getting keys copied, having pants hemmed and also catching up on talks and videos people have sent me as 'must watches' and just hadn't gotten around to.  As a part of that I finally watched this excellent talk on the power of vulnerability by Brene Brown - also the voice behind this piece on empathy that I raved about.  

Somewhat related to Louis C.K.'s rant on just allowing yourself to be sad, she hilariously and sincerely talks about vulnerability being necessary - don't block your emotions out with a "beer and a banana nut muffin".  Ok, I'm not explaining this well, just watch it.  Then after that, watch the her follow up on listening to shame.

Good thoughts as we enter the chaos of the working week.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Back. More to come.

Phwoar.  It's been a long time between drinks on this patch of internet o'er here.
The most excellent tattoo I ever had, courtesy of a buddy and inter-office mail.
Oh, where to start?!  Since I plodded around on here there have been so many firsts: I turned 30, added Utah and Washington to my visited states, had a spell in Latin America, enjoyed the most wonderful, special engagement party of my life (well, and the only one of my life really) and I'm officially a terrible skier.  There was a lot on, but I'm back.  Much to catch up on and too many great photos that must be shared.  Expect more #laterposts and love to come.

I hope you're enjoying the start of your weekend as much as I am!  x