Friday, March 28, 2014

Back. More to come.

Phwoar.  It's been a long time between drinks on this patch of internet o'er here.
The most excellent tattoo I ever had, courtesy of a buddy and inter-office mail.
Oh, where to start?!  Since I plodded around on here there have been so many firsts: I turned 30, added Utah and Washington to my visited states, had a spell in Latin America, enjoyed the most wonderful, special engagement party of my life (well, and the only one of my life really) and I'm officially a terrible skier.  There was a lot on, but I'm back.  Much to catch up on and too many great photos that must be shared.  Expect more #laterposts and love to come.

I hope you're enjoying the start of your weekend as much as I am!  x


Kate said...

To one of my favorite Grown-Ass Ladies: you're just great. Glad you're back home xxx

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