Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nesting, Part 11

Because I'm home again at last, and the nesting never stops (and I'm so glad it doesn't :)
San Francisco is being properly good about giving us all a real summer!  Here's a long lit evening from when a friend and I were lucky enough to snag an outdoor spot at Foreign Cinema.
The Bud Stop aka prettiest curbside florist in SF and the very same one that I walked past when I was first moving here; I remember thinking 'I really want to live somewhere around here so this can be my local florist' - and so it was. 
Wait, did I hear you say you wanted more pictures of strangers' dogs?!  This little guy (or gal?) is the latest to be captured in my greatest unpublished anthology #dogsofsf - snapped this morning outside of Plant Cafe on Steiner.  Just look at those shaggy little front paws!
Part of my pursuit to eat less animal products - I present to you vegan 'scrambled eggs': much more delicious than anticipated!  My ever excellent vegan brother got me thinking about the impact of animal agriculture on our planet (spoiler alert: it's worse than using all of the plastic bags in the world).  I still love my cheeseburgers and even eggs, but I do believe it's our responsibility to do what we can to minimise animal product consumption, when we can - hence this experiment  :)
This is a terrible over-lit shot, but I snuck out onto the fire escape again this week to get a view of our old golden girl stretching beautifully over the bay.  San Francisco, I love you.
It's so good to be home.  Happy Sunday to your corners of the world!