Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shoot the emerald

I know I KNOW that you can never win at these things, but when I see a puffy dog or a plush mushroom or something I just have to demand that C tries.  Yeah we lost $2.
Last night C and I met up in the city, we had both had a rough day and were at a loss for what we could do to take our mind off things - we didn't want to go drinking and we'd missed the last session at the movies. 

Anyway, this is how we ended up at Galaxy World on George St which resulted in one of the most hilarious evenings we've had in awhile; he beat me 8:1 at Air Hockey (no surprises there) and I'm pretty sure I broke his ear drum screaming "shoot the emerald for extra power!" during this 2-player pirate ship game. 

Too too funny.


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