Sunday, August 7, 2011

Celebrating the small things

Running with the name of this blog, I'm always pro posting even when you have nothing specifically enlightening to say, but you just know that you need to keep going and celebrate the small things.  With that, here's some littler details from the week just gone:

Lugaw is this Filipino dish you eat when you're really sick (had the flu earlier this week) - it's basically mushy rice with garlic, ginger and onions, in this case with shredded chicken on top, and yes it's amazing.
C and I had a funny moment at Opera bar where we each said to each other "I have to go to the bathroom, meet you at the bar" - then we each later sneakily bought drinks for the other person so ended up with four drinks (I had guessed wrongly that he wanted beer) when we finally met up.  It was a boozier afternoon than expected.
While I'm not a fan of degustation menus, I do love that they usually surprise you with some petit fours along with the bill (usually because the bill is also surprising) - in this case it's white chocolate mini macarons at Claude's
We're apparently having one of the coldest winters in eight years, but when you couldn't see the clouds I was loving the blue skies this weekend, and lots of walks were had.
Okay this is just from doing the dishes tonight but this totally looks like the Phantom of the Opera mask right?  Down to the raised bit for the forehead and everything!


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