Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting ahead

Work is mildly overwhelming at the moment - I don't know about you but whenever I feel a little behind in one area of my life, I subliminally look for another area where I can get ahead (this is why when I was cram-studying for my HSC my room was cleaner than it had ever been in my 17 years of livelihood and I also took up running).

Since when do I fold tea-towels this neatly?
Another really cheap way of making myself feel like I'm getting ahead in life is when I do sit ups while watching The Biggest Loser (yes it's true and yes it's ridiculous).  Anyway, as that isn't running at the moment, I found myself getting deep satisfaction from scrubbing the stove and folding tea-towels while watching How Clean Is Your House? on late night free-to-air TV.

Is work still a little crazy?  Yes.  But hey, the kitchen is sparkling!  Too funny.


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