Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tourist eyes

The great thing about having visitors is that you're forced to devise touristy activities that will take them past your city's landmarks.  With a bunch of people visiting from the SF office this week, I took the ferry from Pyrmont Bay around to Circular Quay for the very first time in my 27 years in Sydney - and I'm so glad I did! 

Putting on my tourist eyes is definitely something I should do more often.

Leaving Pyrmont Bay as the sun was going down
Our beautiful bridge and Opera House by night


Unknown said...

Next time you fancy playing tourist, I can definitely recommend the Australian Architecture Association walking tours: http://www.architecture.org.au/sydney-walks/45

Lorna Diwa said...

Oooh yes I've heard these are great - thanks so much for the link! Will definitely sign up for one soon and let you know how I go!

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