Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bandaids to burnout

There is a point that we all get to sometimes when we are on the verge of burnout - I think from there the only sensible decision to come to is to plan for some time off / away from whatever is burning you out, but in the interim the bandaid solution of getting together with friends always helps.  With the week just gone being so busy that's exactly what I did tonight; and while the bandaid was helpful I do look forward to a proper time of rest and rejuvenation.

Sharing a bottle of good white with a good friend
Being at Grandma's we also had jaffles (one chicken, one vego - and then we swapped half and half).

While largely insignificant in the scheme of things, great nails are always so lovely to look down at as I type away on the keyboard, and are something that I've treated myself to in light of the last couple of weeks.  In this case I DIY'd a manicure with Mecca's Regan and Sephora's Only Gold for Me top coat.
Bandaids are essential, will keep y'all posted on a good and proper antidote to the burnout!


Unknown said...

Hugs! Glad you're taking care of yourself - with band-aids, and plans of proper rejuvenation x

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