Monday, September 19, 2011

The Week in Five

The third in my series of a Week in Five stars my very own mother, and also ushers her into the world of blogging (she is already an Angry Birds master, so this is the logical next step).  This is the last week gone by through her words, eyes and iPhone:
1. Sleepover at Mi's Sugardock flat, then off to DJ's via bus 443 to catch the last days of the David Jones flower show.  Hot pink orchids.
2. Looking up at the scoreboard to see how many pins I had to get win for our team - we won one game out of three.  Better than zero.
3. Feasting instead of fasting - extended birthday celebration for me at work - gorgeous bouquet just in time to replace dying lilies in vase at home.
4. Thank goodness for technology - automatic mahjong table makes for faster and efficient 'walling', and more games.
5. Getting (dis)organized to complete my week in 5.  But I am going mad, trying to pack everything I'll need for 25 days - limited to 16kg (bag = 4kg) & handcarry of 7kg - I will just have to do laundry when I can.  Re-use, wear n wear clothes.  Oh and pack perfume.
 Good luck with packing mama!  The rest of you - have a great week  :)


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