Friday, September 2, 2011

The Week in Five

I'm so excited to usher in the second installment of 'The Week in Five' and my first guest blogger in the form of a colleague who would easily make it into my list of awesome things, and is a super talented photographer.  I'm going to let her quietly beautiful photos and ever-so-thoughtful captions speak for themselves.

1. "You're in it right now aren't you?" (Garden State, 2004)
2. It's all about the random acts of kindness
3. On my way home, Spring taps me on the shoulder
4. Some days you just need a pick-me-up
5. Saw Bon Iver's 'Holocene', booked tickets to Europe on a whim
Enjoy your weekends everyone!  And hey, maybe book some tickets to Europe  :)


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