Monday, September 26, 2011

Around the world

So I was reading the Bangkok Post this weekend past, flicking through their lifestyle section I found this segment called 'Around the World' which "brings you interesting news, serious or trivial of women all over the world in the last week":

So much respecta for a newspaper that'll dedicate a page to women's news
Interestingly, the feature was on female pilots, and the arts section was promoting an exhibition on the gender divide.  I'm not informed enough on whether or not equality between sexes is an issue in Thailand, but I was impressed with the focus on this discussion from even just the lifestyle section of the paper.

This woman was the best - she kept laughing at me when I asked for spicy and then threw in a bunch of fresh herbs and cucumber for my 'cool off'.
Moreover, I noticed that there were just as many women workers as men too (be they hard-hatted construction workers, or suited up ladies).  And of course, they dominated the street chef scene.


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