Monday, September 12, 2011

Flights booked!

Dumplings, I am coming for you.
Have confirmed that I'll be going to see C over in Singapore next week - so excited to be in the same country as him and also take some time off for a long weekend in Asia (especially as this time last week I was really fading fast).  Places that I'll be making a return visit to:

1. Din Tai Fung
I know we have this in Australia, but it's a little known fact that the one in the Paragon, Singapore is one of the two places that offers their bespoke truffle dumplings which I am still dreaming about since my last visit.

So touristy but also so necessary with any visit to Singapore.  Singapore Slings by an infinity pool on the 57th floor?  Yes please!

3. Cereal Prawn
Okay so this is not a destination, but you can find it at any of their lively outdoor food courts that unfold onto the streets come dinner time.  Who knew prawns fried up with a breakfast food could taste so good?


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