Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's better than a dumpling?

A free dumpling.  Yeah, that's right.

I've written about my love for Din Tai Fung before (here) but had the first-time delight of getting a steaming set of complementary red bean dumplings from them last night - and boy were they tasty!  Not one to underachieve, I was making my return to the Paragon's DTF for their exclusive truffle dumplings (as I had promised to here).

We were sitting around in bloated ecstasy when one of the waiters came up with a steamer full of dumplings and told us they were on the house!  (We were one of the last patrons in there, my guess is that these little guys are made fresh every day so they had to steam and serve them or chuck them out).

See!  A whole steamer full!
Each dumpling has exactly 18 folds.  C and I are fascinated by this and how they've been able to keep this consistent across their chain - we reckon those dumpling guys must be getting paid decently compared to other dumpling joints.  Doesn't it look perfect?
We didn't know what was going to be inside - red bean was a pleasant surprise!
My loyalty to Din Tai Fung has just been sealed forever.


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