Thursday, June 30, 2011

Comfort food

With the brisk, cloudy days we are having, I thought I'd finish up the week with a couple of my favourite comfort food moments this week - one self-made and the other dining out.  Each so delicious, I'd be happy to do them all over again on the weekend:

1. Dining out: Beef ragu with pappardelle at a tavola

I want it again now
I cannot rave enough about this place - they serve up the best homemade pastas (which you can see them drying in the kitchen window) in a cosy, contemporary setting and the service always makes you feel at home.  Full review on my sister blog here.

2. Dining in: Chicken rice curry (made with spices from Fiji)

Let's face it, C actually did most of the cooking
Curry powder turns everything brown
Served up with raw pear homemade raita
Note the trackpants in the background of my last picture, as I was eating this in front of the TV.  Awesome comfort food moment!


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