Monday, June 27, 2011

Island break

Flew in from Fiji last night - it was so amazing!  They say this in all the brochures but it really isn't an exaggeration that Fijians have to be some of the friendliest people in the world.  Restaurants where you can put your feet in the sand, delicious seafood and some of the most incredible fish I've seen up close snorkeling - our four days had all the things you could want from a brief island getaway.

Get excited...
Following a truck of cows to our hotel
Cocktails and chess by the pool
Get your snorkel on!
Basket making (I really want to be able to do this at home)

Couldn't get enough of the papaya - they even cut it fresh for you!
What's better than a sausage sizzle?  A sausage sizzle on a private island.  (Yes, I do realise that I am accruing an impressive collection of food pictures across countries)
Rain on our last day - the cab back to the airport


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