Friday, June 17, 2011

Raindrops on roses -

What's better than surrounding yourself with all of your favourite things?  When life surprises you by throwing you one of your most favourite things ever in a way that you didn't even think was possible - my work did that very thing for me this week.

This weekend past I took a trip to Mountain View to meet up with friends and troll their farmers' markets before our trip to Santa Cruz (we also needed to buy our snacks for the beach from somewhere, obviously):

Get excited...
There's flowers wrapped in newspaper
Homemade sorbets in little brown cups...
And boxes and boxes of strawberries (with free samples on the way, of course).
With all of the above, you can see how farmers' markets are easily one of my favourite things, especially when I'm in a new city (it makes me feel like I'm a local).  Needless to say I was beyond over the moon when Google threw us our very own farmers' market this week!  With local farmers!  And we were given hessian bags and just told to wander around picking out what we like! (I went nuts).

I discovered 'Frickles' (fried dill pickles)...
I hoovered them up with their organic yoghurt sauce and a mini waffle...
And picked up a pile of delicious snacks as well as a gerbera for my desk!
I felt like one of my all-time favourite weekend pastimes was picked up and transported to my workplace for me to enjoy mid-week.  Actually, that's exactly what happened.  Too too good!


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