Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chasing the sun into Santa Cruz

I remember when I was studying in the German winter and there would be whole weeks that went by without ever seeing the sun.  On the rare days that it would show its face, I would sit with my friends in the park, following the patch of sun as it moved across the grass.

Not much has changed as I chase the sun across the neighbourhoods here - in this case with the very same German buddy.

View of the boardwalk
Cruising the bric-a-brac beach markets, I'm pretty sure these stalls are the same all around the world - they're basically always a spread of what looks like someone's living room emptied out onto a card table (I love it).
BYO snacks on the beach
German company in the California sun
Obsessed with the flowers that grow by the sea here - they're everywhere!


Thelma said...

Guess what? After weeks of rain, the sun is out - and as described in one of your Robin Klein books, we have blue unclouded sky. Thank God - even doing laundry and knowing they will get dry - is such a blessing. It's still going to be cold, so be ready with your jacket when you fly back. Savour your last few days in SF - and we are so eager to see you.

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