Sunday, July 3, 2011


Finally got to spend some time with my parents this afternoon (hadn't properly caught up with them since they got back) - presents were given, borrowed suitcases returned and most importantly crispy pata were had:
Piles of pork
While I would like to pretend that I have a family who celebrates my return by cooking up a feast, we actually had this down the road at Lamesa - perhaps the only Filipino restaurant on the Northern Beaches.  Crispy pata was the highlight for me, which is basically piles of pork that you boil, drain, cool and then throw into super hot oil to get the skin all crispy.

Okay I know that's not for everyone, so now here is a picture of the flowers they got for me as a welcome home:
Now in their home next to the TV
 Great way to wind down the week.


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