Sunday, July 17, 2011

New toy

So you might have noticed that the quality of pictures on here has increased significantly since I decided to invest in a Canon PowerShot s95 (if you'd asked me what that was a month ago I wouldn't have known) - basically a high quality point and shoot camera that is still small enough to fit in my handbag.

For someone who works at a tech company I am shamelessly terrible at operating technology, hence it took a few takes and the help of some patient co-workers to get that fancy focus-in-the-front-but-blurry-in-the-back effect, but now that I've mastered it expect to see it ad nauseam:

Setting up our subject for focus


Unknown said...

The same camera you keep in a sock? ;)

Lorna Diwa said...

Haha yep the very same :)

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