Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Secret snack stashes

There is this funny thing that happens at work where people hide the good snacks as soon as they are put out (I am guilty of this).  While the microkitchens are always overflowing with different treats, there are certain food-putting-out cycles which seasoned Googlers are also in tune to (e.g. the ice-cream fridges are refilled on Tuesday, so if you want any chance of a Magnum you have to get in then, otherwise it's only paddle pops for you).

I thought I'd document the snack I do this for in particular - the natural Greek yoghurt:

See at the beginning of the day there are piles of the stuff in the fridge, but come after lunchtime and it will be gone.
Deliciousness - only the one with the picture of the brown cow will do.
So I pick a couple of tubs up in the morning and hide it behind the coke on the bottom shelf.  My logic is that anyone drinking coke won't want non-fat Greek natural yoghurt anyway.
Then I enjoy it later in the afternoon, piled with honey and berries - unfortunately I don't have a picture but check out those nutritional stats - 0g Fat and 15g protein!  Others look on in envy, thinking I have scored the last yoghurt when really I just pulled it from my secret stash.


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