Friday, July 29, 2011

The week gone by

Yes I do realise the aptness of my last blog post also being my only post for the whole of last week - clearly not taking my laptop home is really not working out for me.  My comprimise is that I'll only take it home on weekends and try to line my posts up for the week.  I am pretty confident I'm going to fail at this so why don't I just post a bunch of pictures of the week gone by.

Complimentary homemade marshmallows to finish of a dinner at Neutral Bay Bar & Dining - the North Shore definitely needs more places like this!
C is back from SF!  We went out for Mexican to celebrate, and it was nice to see twos of everything we ordered.
An amazing whole baked snapper at a wonderful friend's place - not only was it delicious but I am always impressed with anyone who can buy and bake a whole fish, it seems like such a grown up thing to do!
This is my favourite dress that I secretly wish I could wear every day (yep, I bought it from that time I was at Zara) - it looks great with black tights and doesn't require ironing.


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