Sunday, September 8, 2013

California treasures

Oh that last long weekend was both not long enough at all, and also just way too long - to the point where I feel like I'm only really catching up on life now (case in point: this blog).  It was so very sad saying goodbye to the parents, but switching them with C at the airport made it infinitely easier.  A quick recap of a wonderful little weekend, discovering some new California loves:
Driving to Stinson Beach (well, at this point we thought we were technically still driving to Muir Woods - before we got there and realised there was no parking whatsoever).
Walking along Stinson Beach - such a beautiful stretch of land, but still no comparison to Sydney's beachy shores.  It's the sand quality that distinguishes Australia - I miss the fine, golden sand.  I also miss this one, carrying my shoes for me so I could have both hands free to inspect washed-up jellyfish and take photos.
On jellyfish - this is is just a glimpse from the jellyfish room at Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Honestly, you just have to go to this place.  Mind blowing.  I'm not even going to try to capture it in photos right now.  And oh there were penguins!
C crafted a weekend that was full of all of my favourite things, including my first trip to the Lost Art Salon, a hidden trove of artwork from the 19th century onwards.  Was just so much fun to quietly dig through all of the pieces - definitely going back.  Like burgers, expect a Part 2. 
Thank you C!  And oh California, you continue to woo me with your treasures.


Kate said...

This aquarium you speak of: I think I must make a trip of that. Excellent suggestion! xx

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