Friday, September 13, 2013

Oh, hey Bologna

Less than 24 hours here; I've eaten my way through three types of pasta and bought a giant glass bottle which I find adorably hipster-charming but I'm pretty sure is just what the locals pour their water from and I have zero luggage space for.  What I'm really trying to say is: I'll be coming back fuller in more ways than one.
This is the beautiful store that lured me into my giant glass bottle, complete with raffia roped around its bottom.  Rows of corks, arranged by size in jars!  Tiny bottles with tiny corks to match!  At least I was definitely the only tourist in there.
The view from 500 steps up on the highest of the 'Two Towers' here.
I love the way that people just sit around on the streets here; like literally just sit on the streets until the afternoon turns to dusk and then dark.  This practice creates a wonderful, deliberately paced culture here.
Gorgeous trays of dried pasta for sale, I just love the colours from the golden tortellini to the squid ink tagliatelle.  In the window next to it are rows of syrupy little cakes and meringues - beautiful!
Loving this small Italian town.  Wedding tomorrow - can't wait!


Kate said...

Wheeee!!! Buy the jars. All of them :) xxx

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