Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Powerfully meaningless

I've been marinating on this great article I read recently on why we don't need a reason for everything.
A kite I captured at Stinson beach a couple of weekends ago.
"...finding a place where the consequences aren’t so great allows us a place to relax. Finding the opportunity to do something meaningless allows us to play, to take risk and fail without some repercussion that may kill us in the end."

The notion of 'play' being critical is another thing that got drummed into us at design school, and I cannot agree more on how essential it really is; I honestly think this is why I so value ridiculous crafts and find them theraputic.  The practice creates a suspended space, where you can be kinder to yourself and your works.

Here's to the powerfully meaningless.  I wouldn't mind a great chalkboard either.


Kate said...

I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! Considering printing. So so great - thank you! xxx

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