Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh, hey Dublin

The solitary shot I have of Dublin so far, taken from one of the cafe windows at le Goog at breakfast.
Unexpected pro of the Dublin Goog office: they know how to make porridge - ok so the kid in the video is Scottish, not Irish, but close enough.  It's a cold climate that knows how to make an excellent, sludgy-but-not-too-sludgy warming bowl of oats.  Looking forward to exploring beyond the office walls this weekend with buddies, including this new Dubliner!

Also, noone actually says 'Top 'o the mooorrrnin' to yoooo'!  So I discovered, when I tried to be "local".


Kate said...

Oh hey, Dublin! That's so much fun - glad you got to catch up with special friends, too :)

Unknown said...

Hooray!! You have made our first working week in Dublin such a treat. And now I'm craving porridge...

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