Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Phils

A quick little round up of my first time back in the Philippines in 12ish years.  Unlike other trips we managed to get some classic tourist destinations in there as well, so our time visiting people and malls was punctuated by islands and fireflies - was great to see different aspects of a place I'd already come to be so familiar with.
The packed supermarkets on Christmas Eve - there were stalls selling everything from dried fish through to a McDonald's stand - you know, just in case you got a little hungry post grocery shopping.
What's a wedding without lechon?  The girl looks worried for the pig.
The Puerto Princesa Underground River - one of the new 7 wonders of the world, the 40 minute river ride was well worth the 5 hours there and back.  Incredible. 
Number of food photos is proportionate to how much we ate over the trip - this was lunch on an island in Honda Bay, capped off with a fresh coconut shake.
Leave 5 cents and don't forget to pick up your tissues on the way to the bathroom!
Ok, let's go back there now.  No really.
While not captured within the frames, the best thing about the trip was of course time with C and the family.  So thankful to have ended last year and started this one with what matters.


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