Sunday, January 27, 2013

Peachy craving

Jamie's famous 'Christmas' salad.  Strangely not on his website so far as I can see, but recipe here.
I get out-of-control cravings for two things: cheeseburgers, and peaches.

The cheeseburgers, I realised, are because I rarely eat red meat in any other form outside of cheeseburgers.  My cravings are really for red meat... smothered with cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

The peach cravings began in Year Two, when we were reading through James and the Giant Peach.  I remember sitting cross-legged on the classroom floor, Mrs Frawley was reading through the part where James and the insects are *starving*, having been floating around on the peach for so long, when they suddenly realise they are sitting on a fruity goldmine and they start ravenously tucking into its juicy flesh.  The description was so deliciously vivid I actually asked mama if we could go to the supermarket on the way home that day, and remember surreptitiously throwing some peaches in the trolley.  When I got home I cut it open myself and did that thing where you slice it all the way through and then twist it so the top half pops off - do you know what I mean?  It was such an awesome feeling, and with that peaches forever cemented a place in my heart.  Even if only in candy form.  I guess this also means that Roald Dahl gave me a love of reading, and fruit.

Anyway, I had a similar craving today but quickly put it out of my mind (it is the middle of winter here, after all).  You should have seen the excitement on my face when I saw a small pile of them at Whole Foods today - oh how I love that store!  As if my mind had been preparing for this moment, I instinctively grabbed the ripest one, some buffalo mozzarella, a few leaves and power walked home as fast as my TOMS would take me.  I did a lot this weekend, but this salad is the crowning highlight for me.  Not sure what that says about my priorities, but there you go.

Probably the most expensive peach I've ever had, but I would spend that $1.69 all over again.


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