Monday, February 6, 2012

I don't want no scrubs

Fueled by my refusal to pay for any beauty products in this country (Mecca Cosmetica is daytime robbery compared to Sephora), I indulged my current DIY obsession to try my hand at making my own body scrub.  I picked this coconut brown sugar one, primarily because it looked to be the easiest to make - the name is indicative of the only two ingredients I really needed and they were easy to find.

I wasn't lying when I said two ingredients.
Combine!  I actually even managed to skip a step of 'de-solidify the coconut oil' because the Sydney weather did that for me.
The delicious smelling finished product!
The verdict: making your own body scrub definitely falls into the category of 'things I wish I'd discovered sooner' - even a simple one like this left my skin feeling properly scrubbed and nourished.  My only recommendation would be to only make what you can use freshly at the time, and be prepared for your shower floor to be a little slippery (though fragrant!) as you wash it all off.

All in all, I am one happy coconut that is $32.95 richer.  


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