Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday links

At Bills, who established corn fritters as a breakfast food. 
This has been a Sunday of baking, brunches and gym sessions to work off the former two.  Internet-wise I'm currently being absorbed by all things DIY - be it sending 'happy mail' or the grossly unnecessary bacon roses.

I've become intrigued with needle felting, especially if it means I could make adorable heart-shaped elbow patches that would actually sit at my elbow like they're supposed to (first world problem as a short person: elbow patches will typically sit at your wrist).  And on the subject of hearts, while not entirely DIY, these would be so cute for a weekend in Melbourne.

Am waiting for Christmas to come around again to justify this delightfully bright garland, but until then I think I'm going to give one of these scrubs a go this week.


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