Thursday, February 9, 2012

Trust Nigella

There are some recipe sources that you can always trust, and Nigella is my go-to woman when it comes to anything of the baked good variety.  I started by testing out her classic cupcakes when I was looking for a recipe that would guarantee moist little cakes for my 21st birthday, and I have never looked back.

Her recipes are virtually foolproof and I love how her instructions are helpfully phrased in classic Nigella-style - "I know it looks as if you'll never make this scant mixture fit 12 bun cases, but you will. I promise you this mixture is exactly right to make the 12 cup cakes, so just spoon and scrape the stuff in, trying to fill each case equally, judging by eye only of course."  I recently decided to give her triple chocolate brownies a try and they did not disappoint - low fuss, three kinds of chocolate and I managed not to burn it.
So many eggs, ditto the butter.
Flaky top, deliciously moist all the way through.
Let's not talk about how many I ate.
I'm yet to start taking her savoury dishes for a test drive, but when I do I know her 'Slut's spaghetti' is at the top of the list.


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