Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mini asparagus tarts

Been wanting to make this since I saw it here, so with a picnic coming up I thought I'd rustle up some mini versions to take along.  Okay so they are effectively just glorified mini-pizzas but work with me here.
Lining up my toppings - decided I'd make a mushroom variation while I was at it.
The mini asparagus tarts, lined up and ready to go!
Mushroom and rosemary variation - fresh herbs fancy-up any DIY snack.
The golden squares, paced up and ready to go.
Seeing as this recipe isn't 'cooking' as much as just straight up assembling, I at least try to put a bit of loving into how the toppings are stacked.  Ah puff pastry, you save me every time I need to bring a savoury snack.


Anonymous said...

They were as delicious as they looked and - WAIT A MINUTE.

Squirrel blog posts! :-P

Lorna Diwa said...

You saw right through me Jia!

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