Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Favourite photo

Found on a Roppongi side street
I took this photo while trolling around Roppongi and just really really like it.  I was initially taking it because there are so many photos of me as a kid with exactly the same expressions on my face - a little quiet and suspicious at first and then I would tilt my head up and just open my mouth when I saw a camera around.

But, on taking it I just loved seeing the layers of my reflection in the glass, surrounded by buildings in the background.  Without getting too deep and meaningful I think it captures what I was feeling when I was taking the photo - sort of nostalgic about how I was as a little girl and how I still sometimes feel that way, even when I'm traveling the world all grown up.


Unknown said...

So true. Nothing like travel to make you feel a little small and overwhelmed in your own shoes.

Not to mention smiling awkwardly in photos!

Lorna Diwa said...

Haha oh YES! Cannot agree more. And when all is lost when you're travelling, then iPlod :)

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