Monday, October 10, 2011

The thoughtfulness in a hotel room

I'm always so impressed when a culture is so strongly ingrained in a place, that you cannot shake it from even the smallest details.  Having had a long day at work, the uniquely Japanese thoughtfulness which is designed into my hotel room has certainly reminded me of what a difference little details can make.

Indulge the architect-that-never-was inside of me for a moment:
Dynamic angles opening up my window.
The room is generous in unconventional angles and curved surfaces.  It's a proven fact that right angles are the most uncomfortable angle for people to live amongst (which is why modern, open-plan offices often incorporate diagonal spaces), this room alone makes a purposeful departure from these.

Best feeling ever.
Your day to day tasks are made seamless, as the design allows for you to use its spaces without inconvenience.  This is my view stepping out of the shower - the towel is automatically at my hand and the foot towel remained dry as the water drains away from the door, under the bath.

Any room can put a TV in the bathroom, but I'm talking about diagonal sinks here.
Finally, its practicality and aesthetic coexist without compromise for the other.  This is the sloping sink that continues elegantly through to the shower, on a diagonal.  This opens up the space but also has it acting as a ledge as well as housing all the bathroom ware.

I would rave to you right now about how the tea bag itself champions dynamic, unconventional angles but I feel that might be pushing it.
And then, there was tea.


Derum Studio said...

One of the architects I used to work with went on holiday and stayed at a hotel where he was quite taken with the detailing in the hotel room. There was a particular detail that he took a photo of that he could only get by balancing with one leg up on the toilet seat and leaning backwards. He sent this photo off his phone to EVERYONE in the Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart offices. Instantly we all screamed as we opened the email. He took the photo NAKED in the bathroom and you could see his entire full-frontal in the reflection in the bathroom mirror!!!

Lorna Diwa said...

Oh MY that is hysterical! I almost did the same thing when I was trying to take a photo of the mirrored surfaces... I deleted that photo immediately...

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