Friday, October 14, 2011

Feeling like a local

When I reflect back on the travels I've been fortunate enough to go on, my favourite nights out have always been when I feel like I've gotten a taste of proper local culture and gone somewhere off the tourist track.  Last night was exactly that, when we had the pleasure of our hosts take us out to a legitimate sake bar known for it's sake varieties and private blends.  The narrow bar was down a little alley that we could never have found ourselves and, of course, the night finished with karaoke.
I'd never seen so many plates crammed onto such a small table.
We started off with a lovely light sparkling sake (which, of course, I also promptly spilled all over myself when trying to get the last out of the glass and forgetting that the box was full of the overflow).
Pouring of their very smooth 'private' in-house blend.
A special sake, turning dark from having been aged for twenty years.
You don't need to see the pictures from karaoke.


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