Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last day

Cities that aren't your own will always bring you a number of surprises that hit you harder than the ones you're thrown back home.  I like to encourage these by taking a punt on an interesting window display, or walking down an alley for longer than what seems sensible.

This approach is rewarded every time I go to Tokyo, my last day in particular brought me to the delightful Gallery MoMo (or half of it, as it exists across two locations) which was the perfect punctuation to my last day.
Trolling Roppongi's side streets I saw this sign for 'Gallery MoMo'
It was on 2F so I thought I'd go for an explore up the stairs
Walked into this delightful little space (photos don't do the paintings justice) and the loveliest little Japanese woman welcoming me in.
I was looking at one of the paintings up close when the woman gestured me to sit down.  Apparently the tea and little snacks there were for me!  As I was drinking she gave me some postcards and (I think) told me a little about the artists.
I love it when life reminds you that the best moments are never ones you could have planned for yourself.  Good thoughts for the journey home.


withoutizy said...

Looks awesome! I can't wait to go to Japan!

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