Monday, August 26, 2013

Nesting, Part 5.5 (Special Edition)

My parents have been camping out in my studio with me for the last week or so, hence the nest is a little cramped at the moment but oh so happy.  A small snapshot:
A very sweet gift of chocolates, appropriately shaped from home.  There was also a marzipan penguin aka my spirit animal in there as well.
Who needs Google Maps when you have this elaborate trip planner - note the trip variation options and even different streams for their and my plans.  Independent of dying Android batteries too.
My view from the couch - I was dozing off to sleep while these two crazy kids were staying up late watching Bubble Gang on YouTube (on their Nexus 7, no less).  Hello also makes an appearance.
Not pictured: tutorials how to use a Clipper card, obligatory clam chowder and even a trip to Daiso - yep, hitting all the major landmarks over here  :)


Kate said...

Cuties! Hope you're having the best time. And so glad you're hitting Daiso. All the real places :)

Thelma said...

Lorna, are you sure this is allowed?? anyway, if I'd known you were going to post this, I'd have worn nicer pjs... ha ha. Now I know, this is a test - whether we are reading your blog or not. I do love the new look. well done!

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