Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday links

Rescued flowers admittedly look a little two-face-from-Batman-esque, but I love that some of the buds were little battlers and bloomed eventually.
Been thinking a lot about comforts - at home, at work, comfort foods - here are some links I found along the way:

Hilariously accurate guide to living with introverts.  I'm extremely serious about making these.  I want a room like this at work.  Other things I want around me - am seriously considering this little guy for my wall, for some reason his stance reminds me of an old man, like the one that might be from this quote on Seinfeld.  Also desired for my walls: this quilt or maybe one of these - am craving colour!

Blank patches of wall aside, this is a great story - the man has all my admiration, and proves my point that BART isn't so bad sometimes.


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