Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tennis Theory

Crediting this to a guy I used to work with - 'the tennis theory' is the idea that if you want to get better at anything, you need to work at it with people who are better at it than you - i.e. the only way to improve your game of tennis is make sure the guy on the other side of the net is superior to you.  He came up with it while actually playing a game of tennis, but it became something we referenced throughout the time we worked together when talking about about our various career decisions, in our over-cube-wall conversations.

I use it all the time whenever I'm pepping someone into a project or role they feel out of their depth in, but I've recently also had to apply it to myself, impressing it over my feelings of being not-the-greatest tennis player.  It's a heartening thing to bring to mind when you feel like you're just hitting missed swings.  You'll come back to the court tomorrow stronger for it.

p.s. On a vaguely related note, a fan's touching story that will make Roger Federer your favourite athlete.  The sweetest!


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