Sunday, May 12, 2013

Take me out to

- the ballgame!

If someone had told me just how much fun it is to go watch a baseball game, I feel like I would have gone so much sooner!  It's always been on my informal 'checklist' of things I want to do while here, but now I just can't wait to go again.  As a kid, I can totally see how this would be the best day out ever - your parents let you eat hot dogs and for once it's ok to yell as loud as you want whenever something exciting happens.  It was the Atlanta Braves vs the SF Giants - we won 10-1 (since when am I part of this we?!) but the highlight for me was just my buddy and I rising and falling with the crowd as we cheered the Giants on, pointy foam finger in tow.
Set up for success with some delicious Anchor Steam and garlic fries - why hasn't anyone told me about garlic fries before?!  They actually give you mints for after, haha.
I don't normally post pictures of myself but I find this so hilarious - the sticker is still on my cap and I'm smiling like I've never held a hotdog before.
Go Giants!  We got some killer seats in the sunshine, but from surveying the setup of the park I feel like almost any seat would give you a pretty good view into the action - plus being there soaking up the atmosphere is enough.  I felt like I was in a movie.
New crush: Buster Posey.  Talk about an amazing name!  My internet search history now includes 'buster posey wife'   and 'how many kids does buster posey have?'  This is sort of like the time I became obsessed with Tom Brady (still am).
Another SF first, though this definitely won't be the last.


Unknown said...

I LOVE this photo of you! Tee hee to the sticker still being on your cap. x

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