Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dog city, Part 2

Hmm I haven't blogged in awhile, so here's some pictures of some SF dogs that I've collected recently.  Capturing these furry faces brings me so much joy, I guess I'm easily pleased.
This is Chester who I met in the Richmond district after a delicious brunch of tofu scramble and spicy potatoes at B Star Bar (also one of my favourite things).  He was a slightly overweight, lumbering fellow with the friendliest Filipino owner.
Cuddles!  Yes, that's his (or her?) name.  Cuddles was shuffling around on the 2nd floor of a Japanese mall in Japantown.
Bella was ambling along the sidewalk when I spotted her, and although not captured in this photo, was a total poser.  The moment the camera was in her face she was rolling around on her back and playing tricks!  I actually saw her the next day and was like "Hey Bella!" which 100% made her owner think I was a stalker.
I love this dog city.


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