Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday links

My favourite salad and juice combo at Evolution Fresh - I try to ignore the fact that they're owned by Starbucks and just embrace it.  C loved it too!
This weekend was eventful in small ways - I finally got to visit the original Humphry Slocombe (I had the Eton Mess and Blue Bottle Vietnamese coffee) and I saw my first raccoon!  Yes, I classify these as events.  Raccoons are way bigger and faster than you think, and they growl at you.

Anyways, this week of late I have been re-living New York vicariously through my favourite blogs - definitely want to return to central park with kids one day, we will be packing a picnic.  In lieu of children, I have been feeding friends this salad, replacing parsley with kale, and exercising my beloved blender making this loaf - which I myself have become evangelical about!  This has been playing as I do the dishes.

Finally, I have been enjoying watching this adorable animation on repeat whenever I need a pick me up - can't get enough of those little paws!

Happy Sunday y'all, here's to another great week.


Unknown said...

Hooray for Learning in the Making and Eat Tori coming together x

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