Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nesting, Part 3

Weekend snaps from my home and my hood.
Remnants from my ritual weekend smoothie, made with a gifted blender that is my most favourite thing.
This mossy flower (?) never dies!  I bought it at my favourite florist and she assured me I'd get so sick of them I'd just throw them out green - I waited till they were lightly browning, but that still took four weeks.  Longest lasting $4.50 foliage.
There is so much lavender growing wildly outside peoples houses and on the streets, I took this walking home from my beloved Whole Foods.
It wouldn't be fair to not include a foggy picture in here.  While we have been blessed with the most gorgeous sunshine in the weeks of late, there is the occasional morning where I will wake up to a fog rolling in and I'll remember exactly what city I'm in.

New residency.


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