Monday, April 1, 2013

The other island, Part 2

Me: "So, I feel really bad that I hadn't been to Tasmania sooner."
Every American I have worked with in Sydney: "Yeah every time we told people we were going to Tasmania, Australians would laugh at us and ask why."
Me: *nervous laughter as that was probably me*

Argh, just go already.  This post is so late I'm just going to throw a bunch of pictures out there and call it a day - Part 1 here.
Hiking up Cradle Mountain, the view back onto the incredible Dove Lake - incredible even in the overcast weather.
I was really fascinated by this black moss that I saw everywhere - I feel like there were so many plants I hadn't seen before there, it was amazing!
Yeah that's right - my most favourite Australian animal in the wild!  He was just foraging around, looking for snack I presume.  The sad part is though that he was probably blind as he was out during the day (wombats are nocturnal), or maybe he was just up and about for a midnight snack - who knows.
Ploughman's lunch - aka my fantasy.
Popping into some beautiful vineyards on drive back to the airport.  This was Goaty Hill who see their wines get served up at Toko.  Took home a couple of delicious bottles of Pino Gris in our suitcases.
I'm so sorry it took me so long, the other island!


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