Monday, April 1, 2013

Sydney, you've grown!

Ok last Sydney post that I just have to squeeze out.  I could write about catching up with C and family and all the lovely folk back home but all those emotions are even more difficult to capture than the mountain tops of Yosemite.  It was so, so great to visit, but also strangely wonderful to get back here - which I didn't expect to feel in such a short amount of time.

Anyway, to a more superficial aspect of how Sydney has changed - with the free time that I had I was determined to see the slew of new places that have opened up in the city, and boy was I impressed!  We're definitely a step closer to giving Melbs a run for their money, methinks.  Of course, everything felt wildly overpriced compared to 'Merica but that's a story for another time.

Here's a snapshot of what I sampled, accompanied by some of the worst photos ever taken.  *Bad Asian me*.
China Lane - the delicious, younger CBD sister of China Doll which C met me for lunch at - yes, it's in that birdcage alley, but the artwork actually adds to the ambiance.  Order the shrimp San Choy Bau.
A most delightful belated birthday dinner with my traditional duo at Mejico, right next door to Jamie's Italian.  They make the guacamole for you fresh on the spot (I'm talkin' someone will actually cut and scoop and mash that avocado in front of you and ask you if you want pistachos in with it too - say yes!)
Bizarrely this looks like some kind of creepy RSL but it's in fact The Rook - the perfect, hidden rooftop bar in the city in that it's actually indoors (hard to explain, but the roof is see through in parts).  It's annoyingly owned by the Cargo crew, but you have to give props for when an empire gets it right - and this was loads of fun!
My most favourite new place of all - Monopole, which was conveniently stumbling distance from home.  C managed to get us late reservations on a Saturday, and we were seated even later, but they entirely made up for it with some of the best service I've had in Sydney - delicious canapes coming out to us with their apologies for the wait, and the best wine recommendations.  Love!
Finally, while not that new at all I really wanted to go to The Apollo as I still hadn't tried it.  I'd heard mixed reviews, but I really loved it!  C was on a health kick, so he didn't let me order the baked cheese (*shakes fist*) but the sardines, octopus and salads were no less enjoyable, and super flavoursome.
And then I came home and went on a juice cleanse.  Well, tried to.

G'night everyone.


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