Sunday, April 28, 2013

A poem for breakfast

I've seen this guy floating around the Mission before and have always wanted to ask him for a poem.  Passing through the How Weird Street Faire today (only in San Francisco) I happened to find him perched in the middle of the street, it was a lazy sunny afternoon: the perfect time to order up some poetry.  The way it works is that you either give him a topic, or just free reign, and he'll type up a poem for you on the spot.  You're then free to leave a donation, as you see fit.

Watching a three others go before me I got the sense that most of his requests were about relationships, so I ditched my initial thought of asking for a poem about C and decided to ask for a poem about breakfast instead.  I've spoken before about my love of this meal, and he looked tangibly refreshed to get a non-love topic (although, I *do love* breakfast).

Below is the result, now sitting happily on my fridge.
This couple asked for a poem about their 10 years of marriage.
I actually really really like it.
Thank you Ryan Ashley!  I look forward to my strong consumption tomorrow.


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